5 tips to “survive” Christmas feasts

Christmas is a time to celebrate, joy and reunions, which are mostly accompanied by large feasts. Excesses of those 15 days can bill for months.

For this reason, it seems appropriate to highlight 5 actions to lead a healthy diet during these dates:

1.- Prepare the body for excesses. It is convenient to move a little more than usual, going up a flight of stairs, or getting off the bus one stop before, for example. As for the pre-party meals, they should be simpler, without forgetting the fruit and vegetables, and legumes.

2.- Include all food groups in dinners and lunches. Combine proteins with carbohydrates from tubers, choose dishes with vegetables and desserts that include fruit.

3.- Reduce sugar. Do not banish fruits from Christmas desserts. Today we can find countless recipes on the networks that include great desserts made up mostly of fruit.

4.- Compensate for the days of excesses with simple, complete and nutritious dishes the rest of the week.

5.- Do physical exercise during the holidays. Both in healthy people and in people with some pathology, physical exercise is a pillar to lead a healthy life.